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Giant Goat Braid

Giant Goat Braid

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Anco Giant Goat Braids can be a great alternative to other more widely available proteins if your dog has common protein allergies/intolerances or food sensitivities as they are hypoallergenic, they'll be gentle on even the sensitive tummies. If your dog is a keen chewer, sometimes a larger treat is necessary. These Giant Braids are a great way to relieve their natural chewing instincts in a fun, safe way while also allowing them to absorb the health benefits! Goat is leaner than Beef and Pork and also has more Iron per serving than Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken! Chewing down on a Giant Goat Braid could be an excellent way to sneak these into your dog's diet. *Approximately 40-50cm* 

Suitable for puppies over 8 weeks old. Anco Naturals should be given as a treat or reward and should be fed responsibly as part of nutritionally balanced diet. We strongly recommend that all pets are supervised with any treat and that fresh drinking water should be readily available to them at all times.

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