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Root Blocks

Root Blocks

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Roots are tree roots that do not splinter. They are eco friendly and act as a natural toothbrush, helping to remove tartar, an excellent choice for teething puppies and dogs that like to chew. Anco Roots are hand harvested to ensure there is no damage to the tree. The tuber is harvested which then sprouts again and harvesting is limited for sustainability. Excellent long lasting choice for very heavy chewers and dogs that have anxiety.

They will not splinter like sticks, making them a perfect natural chew for dogs that love to chew, saves your fingers, table legs and skirting boards!

100% untreated they are chemical free. Rich in minerals and with less than 1% fat, they can help dogs with pancreatitis, allergies or weight issues satisfy the urge to chew.

If in doubt, size up for your dog as these last a long time, you want them to be big enough that they really have to gnaw at them!

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