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Happy Pet Owners- Here's what they're Saying


Bex Barnes

Oakley's Owner

Oakley is a very hyper little Cocker Spaniel and sometimes I've felt like he would never master the loose lead walking. Louise has always reminded me that they all learn at different rates and the perseverence has finally paid off! I ditched the retractable lead and trained Oakley hard out of classes too and now he walks beautifully. Oakley has lots of fun in class but has learned to work alongside other dogs and not interupt them.

Ashleigh Tuttle

 Owner of new puppy Stitch

I 100% recommend Louise she is brilliant and so helpful with our little puppy Stitch. She is always on hand for any questions we have and really knows what she is talking about. She is my go to for all my puppy Q's!


Willow and Issac

Basil's Owners

Louise has always been so friendly and welcoming, the puppy classes have been amazing in building on the basic training and have made such a difference in our dogs behaviour. Louise defiantly knows her stuff and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louise to anyone with a puppy or new dog. Bringing a child to Louise's lessons is never a problem, she always involves my son and he goes home having had lots of fun!


My little Ruby getting her Level 1 Rosette and Certificate. Ruby loves her Monday class and always has a hug with Louise at the end. We all get a lot out of classes, its nice to learn in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Mandy Parker, Class Attendee

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