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Bugalugs sprays- fragrance or detangling

Bugalugs sprays- fragrance or detangling

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These are being discontinued at Positive Paws so are on Sale- Grab them whilst you can!


Here a Bugalugs we believe dogs should be pampered just as much as we humans should but not with just any product – with products that are good for them! Bugalugs vegan dog deodorising sprays provide a fresh burst of fragrance to your dog’s coat after long days out on walks and enjoying time with their owners. These dog perfume sprays allow your pets to run wild like they were born to do, but still smell amazing without going to the groomers.

Smelling great is easy with these sprays! Each one of the unique formulas manufactured in the UK are packaged in an easy-to-use spray bottle, so you can have that fresh salon finished smell from the comfort of your own home and at a consumer-friendly price. Bugalugs deodorising sprays are cruelty free and provide that finished touch to your dog’s coat after grooming. All you need to do to use this product is remove the lid and spray your dog a few times on a dry coat after grooming or just as a quick freshen up in between washes – it’s totally up to you.

Each Bugalugs dog deodorising spray has its own unique formula with different benefits depending on your dog’s needs. From shed control with our fresh wild lemongrass spray that contains wheat protein and oat kernel oil to odour neutralising for particularly bad odour days with our stinky dog spay – our deodorising spray has a formula for all dog needs. All our formulas contain natural soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) to not only leave your dog’s coat smelling wonderful but to leave them looking and feeling healthier too!

Bugalugs deodorising sprays are available in a range of different long-lasting fragrances too. This includes scents such as our wild lemongrass fragrance that provides a citrus fresh scent and our stinky dog fragrance that provides a clean odour neutralising finish to your dog’s coat. Each one of the Bugalugs sprays provides an amazing scent and adds an extra benefit to your grooming routine. Allowing your dog to get that healthy long-lasting smell and look that they deserve.

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