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Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat

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Engage your dog's natural instincts and keep them happily occupied with our enriching snuffle mat. Our snuffle mats are lovingly handcrafted by the Positive Paws Team and available in multiple sizes to suit every fur-ocious forager. Transforms mealtimes, slowing down fast eaters and turns playtime into a thrilling olfactory adventure.

Here's what makes our snuffle mat the perfect pick for your four-legged friend:

All our snuffle mats are made within the Positive Paws Teams to a high standard that we are very proud of.
A Snuffle Mat is simple and fun to use- just give it a good shake, sprinkle on your dog’s food or some treats, ruffle into the fleecy folds and watch your pet use its natural instincts to snuffle it out! They are a brilliant:
• Brilliant boredom buster- great for those ‘Zoomie’ periods
• Perfect for slowing down fast eaters- your pet will love searching for their dinner! (The XL mat can hold up to 500g of dried food).
•Ideal for pets on cage rest after injury or illness- provides excellent mental stimulation for an animal confined to a small space following injury, illness and surgery.

Animals love to search for food and treats and our Snuffle mats have lots of soft fleecy folds which are perfect for noses of all shapes and sizes. The hunt for food provides excellent physical and mental stimulation as well as giving you a chance to play ‘hide and seek’ with your dog. (Cats and rabbits love these too by the way!)
20 minutes of a brain enriching activity like this, is the equivalent of an hour’s walk, so you can be assured your dog is getting some really good stimulation from using one of our mats.

Made from high quality locally sourced fleece and rubber matting. They can be machined washed on a gentle 30-degree wash and left to air dry, keeping it fresh and slobber free. Choose from our great ready-made mats, or order a custom one at the till- lots of colours to choose from!

As with all dog toys, you should not leave your dog alone with a snuffle mat. These are for supervised play as not dog toy is indestructible. It is the owners responsibility to watch their dogs to prevent possible chewing and ingestion. Check the product regularly for lose pieces and tighten or remove.

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